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November 2015





California Company Adds Online Sales to Sexy BBQ Sauce


From: Mickey’s Momma’s LLC

Mickey’s Momma’s BBQ Sauce™ is now available online

Los Angeles- Mickey’s Momma’s LLC of North Hills Ca. is pleased to announce that their Lemon and Pineapple BBQ sauce and Teriyaki and Peppercorn BBQ Sauce can now be purchased online. The new sales channel is the result of numerous requests from in-store, farmers market and outdoor festival demonstration participants who said that they would like to have Mickey’s Momma’s BBQ Sauce ™ sent to their homes. “At every event, we would meet customers who love the product, but as it turned out, they were visiting from another state. Some would buy a few bottles of both flavors while at the events. They can now buy and enjoy our products by utilizing the online store.” says Milton Island, co-owner of Mickey’s Momma’s LLC. “Many said that they were very impressed with an original California Style BBQ sauce”. Island went on to say that his company ships within 24hrs and the Customer can be sure to get their sauce soon after the order is placed. “This guarantees our product will be delivered fast.” said Island. “The product arrives on time and is ready to use, be sure to shake well before grilling”. The customer can reuse or recycle the16 oz. Mason jar he added. “If you’re sending it as a gift, our gourmet artisan BBQ sauce will impress the most scrutinizing BBQ coinsurer. Mickey’s Momma’s BBQ ™ is homemade and is a blend of pineapples, Maui onions, Shock Top beer and over 156 herbs and spices. It originates from a historical 1960’s recipe. The recipe was taught to company co-founders, Milton Island and Paula Boutte by their mother (see article on “Helen Palmer’ sexy BBQ Sauce”).

About Mickey’s Momma’s LLC Mickey’s Momma’s LLC, makes premium, natural, sauces. The company focuses on preservative-free, minimally processed fresh ingredients that provide a gourmet flavor experience, and a high level of satisfaction. The company’s signature BBQ sauce “Lemon and Pineapple is currently delivered fresh weekly to a number of locations throughout Southern California. More information is available at mickeysmommas.com. Mickey’s Momma’s LLC, is committed to being a good steward to our planet. Mickey’s Momma’s BBQ sauce ™ is packaged in quality glass jars that serve to preserve the product’s freshness. Our glass packaging is fully recyclable and reusable. Glass packaging also reduces our use and dependence on petrochemicals. For the health and happiness of our customers, and the health of our planet, glass is the right packaging material for our products.


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